Why you should buy it

YRD tokens

YellowRock Deflationary YRD tokens will represent the value of the vault. It simplifies and speed up managing wallets constructed with multiple coins. You also do not need to pay high fees and managing tokens to earn base token, our protocol will do it for you. It is specially important for smaller wallets. With our coins, investing with such a less value like $2–$3 makes sense!
Additionally, we have burning protocol which will need to buy on market the tokens and burn them, so it should be reflected in long term price.

YR Rewards

For attract users to invest in newly created DeFi project, we created YR tockenomics to reward such early investors. For the first public sale, the 5% of total supply will be redistributed to $YRD buyers.
If you take 5% of totally supply of some DeFi market cap, that value is huge and our plan to be even bigger than them!
Additionally, the users do not risk too much. They can buy $YRD tokens and burn them immediately after public sale. That will let them return their investment capital and still be rewarded with YR.


It is hard to concentrate on everything, and we know that. Because of that, we are giving the product which cover specific area of crypto. In this case, they are coins with proved value and deflation or minimal inflation rate.
If you do not want to keep an eye and do multiple transactions to keep a specific level of diversification and pay fees with each step, our product is ideal for you.


We believe our governance structure is very well constructed, so we love to name it boosted governance. Why so ?
  • Managing structure of product
  • Managing earned funds
  • Managing how the protocol will vote in projects from the treasury


Following all available farms and choosing best in terms of fees, earnings and safety is a complicated and time-consuming process. Our product will do it for you and clearly communicate all actions in the protocol doing.
These are main 5 benefits we are want to communicate to community about $YRD product, but we believe there is much more like transparency, collaborations and main YR token structure. Stay with us and learn, earn and do develop finance products!