How the new coins will be produced ?

At the beginning of the project we will add YRD supply only via public sales. Two of them are planned in this quarter:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
When the YRD will get enough liquidity on exchanges the increasing supply will be dynamic:
  • If the price of single YRD will be equal assets price per single coin the team will slowly generate YRD, sell them on exchange and buy assets for that
  • If the price of YRD will be higher, the team will generate YRD in more intensive way, push it to the market and buy assets for resources gained
  • If the price of YRD will be lower, the team will sell some assets from vault, buy YRD tokens and burn them.
These dynamic actions should also generate profits for YRD holders — the amount of coins per single YRD should increase due to this actions, the price should be stable and the transaction volume should be high.