After many days of researching, analytics and discussion projects we choose for initial start following coins:
  • BNB — 35% — The most recognized deflationary project managed by Binance team. The coin already burned almost 1/5 of full supply. Every announcement about burning impacting crypto markets, because they are on millions of $. Beside that the token have one of the most developed smart chain and paying good %ROI for securing the chain via POS schema. Out team decided it should be biggest part of YellowRock portfolio.
  • BTC — 15% — The king. Inflation rate is only 1,79% at the time of writing and this value are going to near 0% in future. Strongly embedded in main stream as well. The best for transfer big amount of cash.
  • ETH — 25% — The biggest smart chain, most of big DEFI are build on it, dynamically developed. Thanks to EIP-1559 implementation and the Merge the inflation rate is near 0% at the time of writing. Most of biggest DEFI projects existing and started from this chain, most value locked here.
  • TRX — 10% — Project mostly renowned from cheap USDT and USDC transaction. TOP15 in market cap. Huge usability with over five million transactions every day. Burning implemented in every transaction. In recent year burned almost 10% of total supply ! POS chain with not bad %ROI and very secure. Main face is well known person in crypto world — Justin Sun.
  • MATIC — 10% — Another smart chain from top, TOP12 in market cap. Really low transactions fees, a lot of projects using it, the capped total supply with only 5% inflation rate, POS chain are only few advantages. Our initial start chain!
  • ALPACA — 5% — Project with top 20 TVL from BSC chain with consequent burning program. 23 of last 28 weeks were deflationary and there is incoming emission rate cut. Clearly announcements with project earnings and burning lured us to them. The market cap is still not that high, so we decide to use only 5% of vault funds to not affect on price to much.
With build portfolio like this we are almost sure in long term the vault will drastically increase and we let our user earn fair amount of money and defend successfully against inflation.
After six months from start of the project and settle in ecosystem we plan to introduce vault coins governance which will decide if we stay with start diversification or it need changes. It will decide as well what to do with earning coins from staking.