Why we created YR

Our team think there is a gap in crypto ecosystem. All current DEFI ways to earn some %ROI from coins have issues, mostly they are giving only the highly inflationary governance coins and do not touch base token. These governance tokens often give you only chance to participate in votes, and because of this lack of other function and high inflation the price usually drooping in long term. Another reason is that a lot of users do not want to participate in project, they just want to earn some more token they depositing and every drop of governance tokens exchanging immediately. Our approach is different. Our main goal is to create a project which will stay with us for tens of years, increase the value overtime and let investors do not worry about their future.
We are giving to the community the coins which:
  • holds the value of strong assets behind — all the money from public sale are going to fill the vault, the amount and value of coins in the vault will be available live on the page.
  • multiply them by earnings on chain POS and DEFI — the users will have a information how much %ROI the vault is generating, how much coins increased every day/week/month and from beginning of vault. It will have also projections how many assets vault will have in future
  • boosted governance — the users will have not only power to define which coins and farms to use, but as well how to use the money from farming and how much funds use to burn
  • deflationary— the part of earned %ROI will be used to burn vault tokens and governance token, new vault coins will be generated only via public sales from which money will increase the vault value, so the amount of coin per single coin of vault will only rise. The users will have information's how many tokens were burned in last week, up to date
  • fair launch — the only way to obtain vault coins at launch is to buy it on public sale, there is no presale, investors packages. Even creators and development team will not own any coins. The team will only base on small fees described in Fees section.
  • governance coin drop — every user who participate in public sale of any vault before establish governance coin will be added to governance coin drop proportionally to their buy