Tockenomics The vault tokens will not be capped and total supply should be higher with each week. Besides that they will be still deflationary, which means a single token will hold only more and more assets behind due to earnings and burning.
YR token cap will be set up on 1 000 000 000 tokens and all will be available from the start. The total supply will never be enlarged. Token will be deflationary through the burning protocol. 30% of supply will go to participants in YRD, YRG and YRS public sales: 5% each which means 50 000 000 for the first public sale 3% each for the second public sale 2% for the third public sale. 30% will go to the Founders and developer team for further development and to grow the ecosystem. The team will have a 30% on Public Sale with the price 0.1 Matic per token. This sale will not be timed and it will last till the last token. Every month the price will be updated by double the CPI inflation in the USA. All the funds from public sale will be proportionally distributed to vaults and increase their value. 10% on marketing purposes.