We have intensive time with developing for you the best possible solution, but we are not stopping, even after release product. We have still a lot to do! Our team is proud to present the roadmap for the rest of this year and next year.

Q4 2022

  • Project start
  • First fund — Yellow Rock Deflationary YRD
  • First public sale YRD
  • Establishment of YRD vault
  • First burnings
  • Create pools on popular open DEX
  • Second YRD public sale

Q1 2023

  • Next public sales
  • More social content — videos, FAQ, tutorials
  • Listing on popular DEX
  • Vault audits
  • Lottery start
  • Second fund start — Yellow Rock Giant's YRG
  • First and Second YRG public sales
  • Website redesign to follow multiple vaults

Q2 2023

  • Price predictions start
  • Website improvements
  • More vault audits
  • Cooperation with other projects
  • Third fund — Yellow Rock Stables YRS
  • Next sales of YRD, YRG, YRS
  • Governance coin vaults start

Q3 2023

  • NFT collection
  • CEX listings
  • Main Governance token YR ICO
  • Drops YR for YRD,YRG,YRS public sale public sales buyers and current owners
  • UI improvements
  • Main Governance start
  • Vault governance votes implementation
  • Start governance token burning
  • Start governance token staking
  • Multi language support

Q4 2023

  • Stable coin YUSD introduction
  • Yellow Rock Swap start
  • Pair all vault coins with our stable
  • Futures listings on CEX’s
  • UI improvements
  • next vaults
  • NFT utilities
  • Main governance votes

Q1 2024

  • Merch collection
  • more utilities for stable YUSD
  • Add more pairs to swap
  • Multi chain swap
  • Brige to other chains our products
  • more to come