Public sale

We want to clearly communicate this topic - ALL the funds from public sale will go directly to vault minus 1% protocol fee to cover team and swaps fees. Bought assets will be moved to staking and farming. These vault assets will be collateral for the vault coin.
The first public of the first Vault coin YRD will start at 17.10.2022 21:00 UTC time and will last two weeks till 31.10.2022 21:00 UTC.
The rate will be 1 MATIC = 10 YRD. The funds will be available to withdraw after public sale end. The withdraw function will be available in our app.
Shortly after public sale the assets will be used to buy specific assets described in assets section. After that actions the total amount of assets will be available live on main page. The amount of underlaying assets on user YRD tokens will be available in app section.