Yellow Rock FInance

Price stability

Token price of each vault in initial public sale will be 1 MATIC = 10 YR*. Because of no presale, no investor, the trading pair will be created shortly after first public sale end for each of coin on some open popular DEX. In the future we will have swap in our ecosystem.
The vault tokens value should keep the price of underlaying assets with a small premium, so we do not except pumps and dumps. We believe in long journey the token price will skyrocket due to deflation of token and underlaying assets. Printing fiat money by governance should also help with that
but the main goal is to beat inflation a lot in long term.
To defend project from speculation attack we created the burning mechanism. Protocol will take corresponsive amount of underlaying tokens, convert to USD and transfer to user who decided to burn, so buying vault coin with the price below corresponsive tokens in vault and burning them will be highly profitable when it will be under price pressure.
The price of main YR will not be correlated with vault holdings. Due to that the price could be more volatile, but it also means it could skyrocket when the project will be more known in community.