Governance structure

Our plan is to create all ecosystem. We are starting from a single vault focusing on deflationary tokens, but the plan is to have them multiple. All of them will have their own vault and their token will hold the value of the vault behind it. Furthermore, each vault will have own governance which will decide about proportion of tokens inside and where the earning will go.
Above all of this we plan to establish governance token over all ecosystem which will not be tightly connected with the vault size. Governance on this point will be slightly different, users will decide which vaults and how many should be in ecosystem, about collaborations, listings etc.
All of our tokens will be deflationary, which means earnings from each vault will go mostly on burning their token, but a little portion of it will go on burn governance token. With many little streams, the burning of governance token should be really high.
Main governance token YR will be started approximately six months after first vault public sale end and after establishing three vaults. Each participant in a public sale will be authorized to receive a governance token drop.