The Yellow Rock ecosystem will be built from multiple sources. We want to create protocol which will allow user do multiple things in one place.
The main service which we will provide are DeFi ETF like products which we call vault tokens. These vault tokens will hold the value of assets in vaults from specific sectors, similarly to ETFs which hold the stocks and bonds. The vaults will be filled from money received in public sale, all the funds from it will go directly to buy assets. In our roadmap we have planned three vaults. At the beginning we are starting with, YRD - YellowRock Deflationary which will focus on deflationary or with minimal inflation coins to prove our concepts and show the community the idea and working product. YRG - Yellow Rock Giants which will gather all major coins. YRS - Yellow Rock Stables which will have a basket of stable coins. After the first year of protocol the team and token holders will decide what vaults will be next but for sure we plan to have much more. Every vault token will be deflationary.
Main governance token YellowRock - YR. This token will not be connected with assets in the vault, so the price will be much more volatile but also have a huge potential to grow. This token will give value to users by managing all protocols. Users will decide about swap, lotteries, new vault token products, predictions, stablecoin and all incoming ecosystem components. From all sources small streams of earnings will go to this token for burning, so YR token will be deflationary as well. It will start after the first three vault tokens, because it would be worthless without it.
The third product which our protocol provides will be predictions and lotteries. It will be a part of protocol to have a little fun and a chance to win a big amount of tokens.
Stablecoin and swap which will take our protocol to a new level. With these services crypto enthusiasts could roam inside protocol and have everything there. It is planned for Q4 2023, so more information we will share later.