General Questions

What is YellowRock Finance?

Cryptocurrency fund investing in different types of coins via vaults which will make your life easier.
Yellow Rock Finance is the first fund which will invest in selected coins and stack/farm them and use earned funds to burn. We will help cryptocurrency investors make exposition different types of coins, we are starting from deflationary YRD, than giants YRG, stables YRS and many more to come. Furthermore, the coins will not only lay in our vault, but they will work on POS chains and proven, reliable farms increasing vault value and allow protocol to burn vault and main coins which will increase value of them.

Where the team is located ?

We are working from different cities, but everyone are located in Poland. The could could be viewed here.

How many Vaults you manage ?

First vault will start after public sale, so it will be 31.10.2022. The next vaults YRG, YRS will be established in next six months.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming is an innovative DeFi concept where users stake or lend their crypto assets, providing liquidity in order to receive returns.

What is POS staking?

Proof-of-stake is a cryptocurrency consensus mechanism for processing transactions and creating new blocks in a blockchain. A consensus mechanism is a method for validating entries into a distributed database and keeping the database secure. In the case of cryptocurrency, the database is called a blockchain—so the consensus mechanism secures the blockchain.

What is deflationary coin?

To be deflationary the project need to burn more coins than is creating or like in our case the value behind token need to only rise. It should deflect on price - the lower in circulation coins or the more coins in vault behind, the value should be higher.

What is YRD?

YRD is our first vault token. It will focus on deflationary or almost deflationary tokens, which should increase value overtime due to burning. For initial launch we choose BNB, BTC, ETH, MATIC, TRX, ALPACA. Exact structure you can check in YRD/Assets section.

How I could buy YRD?

The YRD public sale is on the way. If the time comes, you will be able to buy tokens via our webapp https://app.yellowrock.finance/dashboard/opensale using your wallet, the rate will be 1 MATIC=10YRD. The coins will be available to withdraw after public sale end.

Why I should buy YRD?

The YRD is a deflationary token with burn every week and increase amount of coins in vault. The underlying tokens are also deflationary and the protocol will earn with farming and staking. These 3 features should increase value YR overtime.
Furthermore, all owners can participate in governance. Because of no investors and no owners coins, your vote could really change something.

Why shouldn't just buy these coins on my end ?

It depends only on user, but our protocol has several advantages over it:
  • Time - you do not need to use your time to find the exchange or DEX with all coins, find how to stake or farm coin, rebalance coins, gather earnings etc. Our team will do it for minimal fee.
  • Fees - without a huge budget, the fees could erase most of the earnings. In our case, you just need to buy vault tokens and pay a single fee. All the farming fees will be divided to all holders so even with low budget you will earn on farming.
  • Security - our team is professionals in crypto world for years. We are using only selected safe farms and protocols. Our team for wallets using only Ledger devices. You just need to keep a single wallet with our vault coins in a safe place, the rest our will handle for you.
  • Rebalancing - our team will consistently and constantly rebalance the vault holdings. That also mean profit realization and cheap buying to keep proportions in vault. If you would like to do it on your own, you would need much time and pay a lot of fees.
There are many more things like psychological, community etc. things where our protocol have advantage, but we want to keep the answers short. If you would like to discuss, come join our telegram :)

What else YellowRockFinance will provide?

We plan to grow over time and bring new things to protocol. We are starting from single vault, but in next quarter we will have another one YRG and the lottery where you can use your tokens to make some fun and earn something. In Q2 predictions and next vault, Q3 swap, Q4 stable are only few of things we want to provide in our protocol. Go check full Roadmap for more details.

The vaults holdings are safe?

All the holding amounts will be available live at web app with wallets holding it, so users will be able to verify them at any time. We also care about safety with working with wallets, so we have defined best practices in security.

How can I contact the team?

[email protected] or ping an admin on the Telegram